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There are around a dozen urbanizacions (developments/estates) in the naturist zone and for some there are websites which have news specific to that urbanizacion. Here are the ones we know about - if you know of others, please tell us! Bahia de Vera -
Vera Natura -
In future there will not be news specific to individual urbanizacions on unless it is of general interest or wider significance.
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Rain storm leaves beach in a mess: Torrential rain on Wednesday 3 May - reportedly more in 4 hours than in previous year - resulted in the death of two people at Pulpi when cars were swept away by flood waters coursing down a previously dry rambla. Trees and other vegetation swept down the ramblas by the flood waters has been washing up on the naturist beach in large quantities - good pickings for beachcombers stocking up on wood for next winter's fires, but quite a mess for beach users. The council has started a clean-up but this may take some time. - news - 5 May 2006

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